When Frank Caruso became my monitor during my divorce he was a godsend. He was beyond kind and respectful to my child. He was fair and neutral to both parents. Above all he showed compassion to all. His professionalism coupled with his kind nature made a difficult time much more bearable for my child and myself. I would highly recommend the services of Mr. Caruso. If I was to rate his services on a scale on 1-10, I would give him a 14!
- C.O. 2019

I used Mr. Frank Caruso’s services for six months with my two boys. He made a tough situation more than bearable with his approach to monitoring - his attitude and his experience which helped me during one of the most difficult times in my life. Mr Caruso was not only professional, but he has the unique ability to also be personable at the same time. This combination along with his expertise made the time that I spent with my boys feel normal and easy. He always maintained his professional boundaries and was still able to fit right into any environment that my boys and I planned for during our visits together - which were fun and dynamic. I highly recommend Mr. Frank Caruso and know that you will more than happy with the job he does for you.
- C.S. 2018

Frank has been a great Professional Monitor overseeing my many frustrating situations with my ex and her attorney. If you’re looking for a Monitor that won’t give up and has a background in Drive, Determination and Devotion, then Frank is your guy. Being a single Dad litigating in Pro Per has been challenging to say the least, with one lie after another from mom and her attorney. This had to stop! Therefore bringing Frank to court was the best thing I could of ever done. Using Frank's Resume and Integrity, Frank overwhelmed the court as an expert witness. On that day I went from supervised visits twice a week to “No more supervised visits with one week with dad and one week with mom 50/50. In my opinion, Frank is the best and a MUST to bring with you to court.
- D.C. 2017

Frank Caruso was our [2016] court monitor during a very high conflict custody situation. He was extremely professional and arrived early for each visit. Our children really liked him, and he knew exactly how to interact with our children to ease the transitions. He completely understood the emotional nature of divorce, and he never took sides. His focus was always on our children. I would highly recommend him for any monitored custody visits.
- M.D. 2016

In 2014, I was ordered by the court to have supervised visitation with my children.  This was a very difficult and humiliating blow to me, but Mr. Caruso made my visits with my children as comfortable as possible.  Mr. Caruso was proactive in making sure that I was able to have all of the visitation time provided to me by the court.  Mr. Caruso was very instrumental in helping me to rebuild my relationship with my children.   Every visit was a positive experience for us and it felt like Mr. Caruso was a part of our family.  He was firm but also very friendly and positive during our visits.  Mr. Caruso was a great role model for my children and was supportive towards me in helping my children to understand the need to respect my authority and role as parent and also gave me good feedback about my parental role.  I feel that Mr. Caruso’s experience as a father and a police officer makes him an extremely qualified and professional monitor and I felt extremely blessed to have him as my monitor during such a difficult time for me.  I highly recommend Mr. Caruso as a professional monitor.
- A.T. 2015

As difficult as it is to have to have a monitor, Mr. Caruso makes the experience much more pleasant. As both father and custodial parent, I found Mr. Caruso to be very flexible, positive and friendly. All of us consider him as if he is part of the family -- especially my son. Although I am not present during the visits, my son talks very positively of him. His background in law enforcement gives him the ability to properly observe situations while having great knowledge of the law. He makes this difficult situation much more pleasant. I would definitely recommend him.
- M.C. 2013

Mr. Frank Caruso monitored my children and I during a very crucial and complicated period of my divorce custody case. His monitoring style was always very focused and he had the best interests of the children and always ensured a pleasant visitation.He was very competent and involved, but at the same time, maintained the natural family relationship and bonds just by he style of observing the events. I also felt very safe and comfortable with him and my kids liked him a lot, being himself an involved father. I would highly recommend Mr. Caruso for his experience, his human touch to monitoring, his well written reports, and for his unique style of monitoring as he can successfully handle the delicate situations that parents and their children go through during divorce.
- G.M. 2013

When I first contacted Mr. Caruso, he immediately took action. For example, he called back promptly, he took the time to listen to me and the important particulars regarding my difficult case. He read the Court Order thoroughly and abided by every rule. Additionally, he took proactive measures to prevent future problems. For instance, when the other party didn't show up for a scheduled visit, he prompted me to contact local law enforcement to insure a report was taken, as opposed to ignoring what took place. Also, I appreciated how detailed he was when writing the Monitoring Reports, as he always captured the emotional aspects of the visit as opposed to just the logistics. These are the qualities I was looking for when selecting a Professional Monitor. Most importantly, Mr. Caruso remained "Neutral" during the entire time he was involved with a family. He never looked down on me for the unfortunate mistakes I made, as he truly believed people deserve a second chance in life, especially when it comes to our precious children. Mr. Caruso is clearly a true advocate for the child/children, as he made my very painful situation for my son much less painful by developing a good rapport with my son which in turn helped my son feel less fearful of a stranger coming into our home under such emotional circumstances. I would highly recommend Frank Caruso for your monitoring needs.
- T.M. 2013

I was ordered by the Court to have “Monitored Visitation” in 2012 with my two daughters, age 12 & 13 at the time. It was a very hard time for me. Not only was I going to be forced to visit my precious girls with a stranger involved, but I knew I would have to find someone who would be able to work with my ex-husband whom I had a restraining order against, and was already gearing up to make the task of finding a “Qualified Monitor” at least according to him, impossible. When working with Frank Caruso , I found him to be a wonderful monitor to work with. My children were comfortable with him and liked him personally. Thankfully, he was also able to communicate with my ex-husband, so I did not have to. In the beginning, I was very upset at the notion of having a “stranger” accompanying my girls and I when we went out on our visits. As much as I hate the fact that my time with the girls is still in the “visitation” stage, having had Frank Caruso there was no problem at all as his style allowed him to be an effective and protective observer but at the same time, he was not too intrusive which gave me a comfortable and special time with my girls. If you're looking for a monitor, I would highly recommend him.
- S.Z. 2013